Truely vs Truly vs Trully. What is the difference?


Truly is the correct spelling of the adverb formed from the adjective ‘true’. Truely is old English. And was used by Shakespeare in the past. 


It is a misspelled version of the adverb Truly. Old English spelling of the word ‘Truly’. Shakespeare used Trulely a lot of times in his works.


Trully is another wrong spelling.

Meaning of Truly

According to truth, fact, or reality Example: She was truly the heir to the throne. Rightfully so Example: The crown is truly the nation’s pride. With sincerity and without pretense Example: We truly apologize for the unpleasant experience. In fact (used to intensify) Example: A truly unique point of view.

The fascinating and long history of truly

Before it became widely accepted as truly the word was first ‘treowe’ then “treowlice,” before evolving to “truely,” and ultimately “truly”. Treowe was first mentioned in the Old English (Mercian), which dates back to 1000 AD. It means “faithful and trustworthy, honest in keeping promises, friends, etc. It was later changed to “truely” in the Middle English era (1100-1500 AD), which was an accepted spelling and was even used by Shakespeare.

Truely vs Truly

Truely vs Truly



Why Truly is the Right Spelling

When you turn some words that end in ‘e’ to adverbs they retain the ‘e’ and end in ‘ly’. Common examples are nice and time. They become nicely and timely. The adverb True however does not retain the ‘e’ To improve your writing and avoid making grammatical errors, you must ensure to use a spell checker.

I recommend you to download and use Grammarly because that is what I and other top writers use. You can choose to stick with the free plan or you can upgrade to their premium plan.

Synonyms of Truly

Truthfully, as a matter of fact, really, undoubtedly, genuinely, Certainly, for certain, surely, doubtless, sure

Antonyms or Opposite of Truly

Untrue, dubiously, questionably, doubtfully, indefinite.

Other Wrong S‎pellings

There are many ways that people misspell “truly” today Some of them are: “Trully”, “trulely”, “troly” and “turly”


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