Want long form deeply researched articles that can inform readers without getting them bored to death? 

Hire me.

Why you should hire me:

Over five million new blog articles are published everyday. A lot are lazily written and rehashed with hardly any valuable information.  

But that is not what I do.

I go hard or go home. 

I will put out well written and researched pieces that will satisfy your readers at every step of the way. Statistics, data, expert opinions, infographics, everything


I take my craft seriously

Pesky errors have no place to hide. I do not just edit with editing tools and call it a day. I go over every sentence.  


Deadlines don’t meet me

Leave the empty feeling of disappointment over missed deadlines behind. As a business, time is one of your most invaluable assets. A writer that does not respect your time does not appreciate your business. And, of course, cannot be of help.  I respect my clients and appreciate their businesses so much to mess with schedules.

About Me

I am Isy, your favorite B2B writer and I am here to  complement your B2B content marketing efforts.

Before I became a freelance writer, I was an English teacher. I am TEFL certified and taught English as a foreign language for 5 years. Now I get to pass information through blog articles and cannot wait to work with you.


Work with me

Send an email to isy@docontentright.com