Engaging SEO content that serves leads, traffic and backlinks
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3x more organic traffic

3x more organic traffic comes from "Guide" articles. And 1.5x more organic traffic comes from “How To” articles.

The above data Semrush confirms that people want to be educated, informed and provided with value.

A great way to achieve this is through high quality in-depth content.

Think guides, pillar pages and comprehensive ‘How to articles’

And that’s where I come in.

I'm a content writer and strategist for companies that want to do more with content.

Here is how I can help​


SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is the secret sauce of your marketing strategy.

You can have all the right keywords, a great website, and a compelling offer—but if your on-site content is not optimized for humans and search engines, it is going to be flabby, boring, and stuck on page 3.


SEO Blog posts

Say hello to blogs that will help you optimize your site, serve leads and win business.

My blogs are in-depth and informative, so you'll be able to provide more value to readers who come across your site.


Long-Form Content

Long form in-depth content that builds authority, increases sales and attracts new business. Your readers will love learning from your expertise and they'll come back again and again because they trust you to teach them new things.


Content repurposing

Got an old blog post or article that could use a refresh? Let me get down to it.


Topic and Keyword research

I won't just send over a list of keywords and say, "good luck." Instead of leaving everything up to chance, I'll work with you to identify what works best for your business and create a plan to move you up in search rankings over time.

Featured in or written for:

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It is rare to find a writer that gets marketing and is ready to research and go deep. Isioma did a variety of content writing for us at AfricaWorks, and she was punctual, responsive, a pleasure to work with, and produced excellent work each time. I highly recommend working with Isioma.

Goldie Iyamu

Marketing Manager, Chipper
Isioma's work is distinct. High quality and in-depth. You know we can count on Isioma for quality work! I'd definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an SEO-aware, highly effective content creator.

Godsent Omon

Brand Manager, AfricaWorks

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